What is a wedding officiant? 

We can call it a wedding officiant, master of ceremonies, officiant of ceremonies... it can have many different names, but above all a wedding officiant is the person in charge of officiating the link; that is to say, to take the reins of the act a little in a very personal, affective, intimate way... and above all, personalized according to each married couple.

A Civil Wedding officiant is the person in charge of celebrating the ceremony and is chosen by the couple.

More and more couples choose for their wedding an officiant or celebrant who provides a more casual and fun touch to this type of event.

It is an original way to celebrate marriage:

A wedding can be held anywhere. There are many couples who prefer to risk and celebrate their love in locations such as beaches, special places for them, in the countryside, mountains or even in the middle of the street. For all those couples who prefer to get out of the classic and of a lifetime, they will also want to have a Wedding Officiant and break with the schemes of a traditional wedding

What wedding services do you offer?

Every couple is unique, and your wedding ceremony should reflect you! I am happy to offer elopement weddings, short ceremonies with simple vows, and signing of marriage licenses for couples of all faiths (or none) and everyone who wishes to marry each other (including those of the same sex). couples; I'm very LGBTQ friendly – Love is love!)

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