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What is the role of a wedding officiant?

A wedding officiant is the person in charge of officiating the wedding ceremony, guiding it in a personalized manner according to the preferences of the couple. They can also be known as a master of ceremonies or ceremony officiant. A civil wedding officiant is chosen by the couple to conduct the ceremony. Increasingly, couples are choosing an officiant to bring a more relaxed and fun approach to their wedding events.

Anywhere, anytime...

The commencement of a marriage can be celebrated in any way, place, or form. As we progress, we continue to discover all kinds of fun, creative ways to celebrate our love. Theres a special beauty in officiating your eternal commitment to one another at the place which is most special to you and represents your love like none other. Is your dream wedding at the beach during sunset? At the park where you had your first kiss? Or even at the home you share with your beloved? No matter what, we'll be there to mark your special moment.

What services do we offer?

Every love story is special in its own way. Let us be there to help you express that with joy. We can do small close knit elopements, grandiose events and, best of all, we offer bilingual ceremonies! We're here to unite all kinds of families, even those that don't necessarily share a language. 

Also, it's worth a mention that we are here for all kinds of love stories and welcome with open arms all LGBT+ couples seeking to officiate their love. 

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